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At The Web Design Studios Cardiff, we understand that clients in need of great website design services usually have a product they need to market. For this reason, we don’t just help you design and build your site and leave you to figure the rest out on your own. Our services help customers with a range of aspects related to website design and marketing. As part of our aftercare service we offer a comprehensive web design course which provides clients a complete overview of the back end of the website. If you can write and send an email, then you will be able to update information on your new website.

Website design is one of those things that some amateurs think can be picked up quickly and easily. This is far from the truth. A good website may be speedily thrown together by an apprentice, but a great website takes hard work, knowledge and dedication. These are things only a professional is capable of. Would you rather display your product on something shabby, or something that is going to wow your customers?

Life on the internet is fast. Customers want convenience; they do not want to sit scrolling for hours on end through thousands of search results. Most customers click only on the sites listed on the first page. If results showing up aren’t listed on that page, they’ll start again. This is why SEO is so important in marketing now. Let us help you get your site high up in those results pages.

Design Director
Jonny O'Rourke
Creative Director

Jonny is a design specialist, having provided creative and eye catching design for a vast array of media’s and clients. Jonny now serves as our creative director leading the design team and personally dealing with clients. With a huge range of experience Jonny will sign off all design produced in house before presentation to our clients.

Keenan Garvey
Director of Operations

As our Director of Operations, Keenan manages the day to day running of the business including client contact and organisation of business affairs in general. As well as this, Keenan is a WordPress specialist and completes website builds for our clients once the design process has been completed. Keenan prides himself on work ethic and delivering results for clients, he was mentioned in the 35 under 35 Entrepreneurs in Wales 2017 by Wales Online which is a testament to the businesses achievements.

Operations Director
Marketing Director
Kris Harris
Director of SEO

Did you know 94% of all customers online purchases or service acquisitions start with a search engine! That one piece of data highlights the great importance in making sure you have visibility online and that is what I help you with. With over 6 years experience in getting websites to page 1 of Google this has translated into helping businesses large and small all over the UK to get customers online. With experience in paid advertising campaigns using Adwords and Facebook I have the solutions to get your business seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time, all of the time.


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